Yoga Teacher Training Changed My Life

I moved to Jacksonville September 2016 with high hopes of changing my life. A year of living in Jacksonville I still felt the same way. I had gained some weight, was not confident in myself, had no friends and was emotionally depressed. I knew I needed to do something truly life changing. Keep in mind, I thought moving was enough of a life change. I had looked into yoga teacher training before moving to Jacksonville but, nothing serious. The thought came back so, I started to look at different yoga teacher training programs in the area and even out of the country. I researched programs based on cost, the days/times training would be at and looked at reviews. I had not had a regular yoga practice that year and unfortunately didn’t connect with the studios I had practiced at.

After my research, I picked a studio I wanted to do the training at. I thought on it for awhile and one night I went for it. Paid for the deposit, I was committed!!! I picked Yoga Den in Jacksonville. It started the beginning of 2018 and was 3 days every month for 6 months. I didn’t tell anyone prior to signing up that it was something I was even consideringIMG_2494.JPG. I waited about a week after paying the deposit before I told anyone. I told my job first before I told my family. I was very hesitant to tell my parents because it did cost money and it wasn’t anything they were into. My dad was first, he was hesitant but supportive. My mom was next… I felt like a dog trying to hide my tail. My mom was determined for me to get into IT management. After telling her, to my surprise, she was supportive as well. Now I just had to wait till January.

It was time! I was so excited and very nervous. Honestly, I was not to sure what I had got myself into. I am not going to spoil everything about the actual training but, I can tell you the first day was amazing. I immediately connected with some of the people in the training. We even got cute binders with our names on them! I could not wait till the next day. Months go by and I was totally in love with the training. Love, sweat, and tears definitely went into the training. The 6 months of yoga training gave me some of my favorite memories and bottom line – truly inspirational.

I met some of the most amazing people during the training and greatly appreciate the inspiration & support I received from them. During the training I slowly started to notice changes in myself. I physically felt great. It was exhausting don’t get me wrong, but I craved knowledge and wanted to know everything I could about yoga. I didn’t notice a major change in Taylor at first but, I was the happiest I had been in a long time. I went into yoga teacher training for me. It was honestly one of the first decisions I made for me, without caring what anyone else thought. Truthfully that was the first step towards my transformation journey. The training shaped me into the human being I am today. I will forever be grateful for the experience. I gained confidence, I was healthy physically & mentally, meet amazing humans, and I ultimately feel like Taylor Mary Card for the first time. I was able to connect with my heart and soul on a very intimate level that I had never been able to do before. I had this overwhelming feeling to change lives as mine had been changed. I immediately started teaching after graduation and truly felt happiness in my heart. Yoga gave me the opportunity to connect and openly share with other souls. I continue to make changes in my life… one being a recent college drop out, per deciding IT Management is not my calling. Excited to keep on this life journey and connect deeper with my soul.

Stay tuned for my next blog going into more details! Please reach out if you have questions!

The light me truly honors, respects and loves the light in you. Namaste!


Yoga and Anatomy

Why do yoga teachers need to understand anatomy?

I have a very strong opinion that those who teach asana (yoga poses) should have a fundamental understanding of anatomy. You are teaching human beings who have different body structures, injuries, and all ages; it is crucial to understand what happens anatomically within each posture. Majority of the class participants may not fully grasp what yoga entails, as it is much more than a workout. Regardless of why they are participating, as a teacher our main goal is to get them to experience the yoga. As a teacher we are going to make mistakes and we are not doctors, but we should want to have as much knowledge so we don’t hurt anyone who rolls their mat out for our class. A injury can prevent the participant from ultimately experiencing yoga.

To be fair, yoga teachers don’t always have the best resources regarding anatomy. I loved my teacher training but, unfortunately anatomy was briefly talked about. However, it is the teacher’s job to seek more information. The advice, I repeatedly heard, you are a forever student. It really clicked. I aim to have as much knowledge regarding yoga, I actually crave it. I was given a different opportunity than most with my background in the medical field and working at a Physical Therapy office. My office was not a fan of yoga, due to the injuries resulting from yoga. With much effort and modifications to postures, I was able to integrate yoga into the office. My goal is to ignite the urge in yoga teachers to understand anatomy. I plan on posting blogs to aid in teaching anatomy to yoga teachers. So please reach out if you are a teacher with any questions you may have, it will give me ideas on posts! 🙂

Reading suggestion: Functional Anatomy of Yoga by David Keil. This book is by far one of the best anatomy books I have read. It is a lot of information. Heads up!


The light me truly honors, respects and loves the light in you. Namaste!